For many Australian students, capital school excursions offer a great, real learning experience which will beautifully complement the classroom learning instruction. There are plenty of exciting places that students can explore in the Australian capital of Canberra. With Canberra school excursions, the students can tour the Federal Parliament, delve into the history of the world wars at the War Memorial, and also sample some of the great collections in the National Art Gallery.

Canberra school excursions

The Questacon also offers exciting experiences during Canberra school excursions. The school excursions in Canberra always offer a very rich, educational journey. All the attractions mentioned above offer young minds a very stimulating educational journey, where the country’s institutions and their significance will be etched in the minds of the students. It is a relevant experience that gives the young students a better perspective on history, arts, culture, heritage as well as their civic duty.

Planning Canberra school excursions is not always an easy affair. There are a lot of travel logistics involved. Then there’s also the logistics of the experience. Teachers and school administrators may not always know about the various itineraries, activities, sights as well as the process involved in organizing successful excursions which will add value to the curriculum. If this is something that you are grappling with, then the following tips might help you organize more successful and insightful Canberra school excursions.


There are airline and bus companies that offer very exciting group travel packages which will help you make the most of the excursions and save money. Shop for excursion tour companies that offer great value for money along with a  good degree of flexibility during the travel.


Some kids might have allergies and if not well taken care of in advance, might cause major complications or disruptions during the excursion. Teachers or administrators organizing these should take note of these allergies in advance before embarking on a trip.

Organization and Flexibility is Key

It is advisable to have the entire itinerary mapped out, but at the same time, you need to be cognizant of the fact that certain situations may arise which were not initially expected. It is, therefore, important to be always prepared and flexible in order to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

Security and safety

Personal security as well as safety are very important when it comes to Canberra school excursions. When organizing these trips, it is best to have supervising teachers, and even a buddy system where one watches over another’s back. Advise the students on how to take good care of their valuables.

Money Issues

There are students who would want to carry some cash to spend on souvenirs and other things during the trip. However, the school administration should strictly specify the amount of cash that should be carried during the excursions.

Make it Fun

Travelling to Canberra for the excursions offer students a great opportunity for some real-life experience without making it too boring for them. There are plenty of ways to add a little fun amidst these serious educational tours.

You can also find companies that offer Canberra school excursions that specialize in designing and providing great and hassle-free tours.