Beanies are wardrobe-friendly accessories that most people have. They are suitable for pairing with other garments or in cold weather when one may need some warmth over the head. The accessories are available in the market and comes in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Owing to differences in knit styles and hat forms, sometimes it is difficult for users to select the right hat to meet their needs. If you are torn between decisions as to which style of a beanie is right for you, it is time to visit websites of reliable Queensland embroidery companies.

Queensland embroidery
Queensland embroidery

Besides the knit styles, beanies can take many forms, which prompt one to ask the question, ‘how and where can I get my brand beanie?’ For that reason, it is advisable to know various kinds of beanies in the market and find reliable Queensland embroidery companies to guide you in choosing yours. Some beanie designs include the following:

  • Fold-Over Brim: This form of beanie has extra fabric knit that fold upon the hat itself. You can choose to wear the hat with the brim unfolded as well. The form is flexible and can take any size and add-ons to suit your preferences. When you visit a website of a Queensland embroidery company, you can get more information about it.
  • Seamless Brim: In this type of beanie, the knit style is the same throughout the whole hat, right from the brim to the peak. Based on your preference, you can include stripes or patterns into the hat and play around with colors as much as you want.
  • Ballcap Brim: In the ballcap form, the hat features a hard brim woven into the actual fabric of the beanie. This form can take any shape, length, or size according to your preference.
  • Pom-Pom: this is an optional form of a beanie, which can range from one color to four color combination. Brisbane embroidery production companies produce a wide range of beanies including the pom-pom design.

Add-On Features

Most beanies have add-on features to enhance their outlook or as part of the actual hat. Add-on features are knit-in, embroidery, or leather patches, among others. In customized beanies, you have the freedom to choose your own add-ons according to your taste. Even if you need beanies for corporate wear, you can just engage a company for corporate embroidery business and get the design and style of your choice.

Yarn Types

Two yarn types are suitable for making beanies. Acrylic yarn, which is soft, durable, and affordable, is widely used in standard knit for beanies. With it, the designer can create detailed logos and words that are more visible on the hat. Alternatively, wool yarn is also used to create customized beanies. If your choice is a custom design A tuque, you can choose to have it made in acrylic or wool yarn, which is more elegant but a bit more expensive than the acrylic type.

In the end, you determine the outcome of your beanie according to selected colors, design, shape, or length. For additional information about Queensland embroidery business, visit